This Baby Is Finding Her Way In The Blogosphere

Posted: September 17, 2010 in The Sidebar Review
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The Sidebar Review is in its infancy, and just like a little baby who can’t survive without its mother’s care, this little blog has the potential to wither away if I don’t make the time to update it.

But I won’t let it die.

Here’s why: The Sidebar Review wasn’t created because the world needs more blogs. Or more opinions. Or because magazine editors need some random person criticizing their work. The Sidebar Review was created because I wanted to learn what other magazines do. I’ve been working in publishing for 11 years, but for the same company the whole time. I’m curious what makes other magazines tick. And I realize there’s a ton of magazines I’ve never even looked in before because I’m not a part of their target audience.

That is ending. I’m rapidly picking up magazines I’ve never opened. Coming up for review are Fortune, Forbes, Playboy, Golf World, Baltimore Magazine, and Sailing World. And a new friend of mine that I met through blogging, FlyingGma, sent me several copies of her favorite magazine, Flight Training, to review. How cool is that?

Already I’ve learned different treatments of sidebars, editor’s notes, photography, illustrations, storytelling and cover blurbs. Some magazines’ web integration is incredible — others have lackluster websites. It makes me more conscious of what I do on my own magazine at work. It makes me more aware of what’s going on in the publishing world.

So I’m going to keep my “baby” nourished and healthy. I’ll teach her diversity. I’ll try to keep her clean and happy.

And I’ll hope she finds a few friends who don’t mind stopping by to visit.

  1. Joe Clark says:

    Tyler, another outstanding contribution. I know you realize how hard writing and editing can be. FlyingGma knows that as well as I do, too, along with any other serious writer/editer. I’ll tell you, I would have never guessed TSBR was in its infancy – the layout, background, artwork, and yes, the words, are all top notch. Nurture away! (Are you a graduate of the UF School of Journalism?)

    • Thank you, Joe! Those are great compliments! (But for the layout, I can only take credit for choosing it among the available themes.) And I’m a Gator fan but not a true Gator. I went to University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I got my English degree. Once a year, I’m greatly conflicted over whether I should yell Roll Tide or Go Gators!

  2. Love how you gave life to your blog and how you plan on nurturing it over time. I was in a hospital waiting room today and picked up a copy of Harper magazine. I’ve never read it before and because of your blog I started looking at it through a different set of eyes. Eyes that now see there is more to a magazine than just words and pictures. There is a plan.

  3. Sheryl in Virginia says:

    I’d like to add some titles for you to take a look at: Garden Gate Magazine, Scroll Saw Magazine, Blue Ridge Magazine. These are all magazines that I receive regularly, and I’d like to know what you think of them.

  4. Best of luck–I look forward to following your ‘adventures.’

  5. lizkitchens says:

    I love your blog. Really interesting. It was great meeting you at the Tim’s Wine Bar last week. Liz

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