The Sidebar Review celebrates magazines and all the wonderful people who put them together, print them, buy them, read them.

I have 12 years of magazine publishing experience. But that’s not what qualifies me to be a critic. My enthusiasm for the medium is what qualifies me, and your enthusiasm qualifies you as well. I want comments, discussions, disagreements and suggestions. Your participation will make this site useful and exciting! Please jump in.

You can learn more about me at www.tylerwreed.com, and you can e-mail me directly at thesidebarreview@gmail.com. Or, you can check out my other blog about British literature, www.nortonanthologyjourney.wordpress.com.

–Tyler W. Reed

Editor, The Sidebar Review

Orlando, Fla.

  1. Joe Clark says:

    Tyler, thanks for your comment. I really like the layout of your site; very well done and it allowed me to act like electricity to find my way around…


  2. Joe Clark says:

    Tyler, are you a Gator, too? By the way, your blog is very good – and pleasing to the eye…

  3. flyinggma says:

    I spent a little more time on your blog this afternoon. Have your ever done a review for the AOPA Flight Training magazine? I couldn’t fine one listed. I started receiving the magazine about 3 years ago when I started flight training. About a year ago they changed the print format of the magazine and I find that I am not inclined to read it cover to cover like in the past.

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