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Outlook (

When I went to India a few months ago, I wanted to pick up a magazine I couldn’t read — at all. No English. There were a few to choose from, and the one I ended up with was Outlook.

Obviously, this is not something I can critique on content. And design-wise, it reminds me of the old design of BusinessWeek — the stories are long but broken up with sidebars and charts; the content is serious and newsy; and the photos are mostly stock news photography and headshots. One thing that strikes me as very different from any American news magazine is that it contains what appears to be poetry, spanning four pages, and also what appears to be fiction or humor across several other pages.

Interestingly, American politics takes up some space. One long article includes a photo of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the back few pages, which appears to be a “year in review” photo essay, include photos of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during last fall’s visit there, dancing with Indian children and spending time with the Indian people.

What foreign magazines have you seen? Could you make sense of what you were looking at even without knowing the language?

–Tyler W. Reed

Editor, The Sidebar Review

So, I have not posted a blog in ages. I come to you ashamed of myself. Let me be clear: I have thought about blogging a lot. But the sitting down and the doing of it have not come easy.

I wrote several blog posts in my head during my recent trip to India. One thing I really wanted to do while I was there for my sister’s wedding was check out the magazines on the other side of the world to see how they are different. I also thought that during the 44-or-so hours of flight time spread over a two-week period that I would read lots of new magazines, form opinions of them, and write down my thoughts to post later. I even loaded the WordPress app on my iPad so that I could actually post if I wanted to during the trip.

As it turns out, I was way too involved in curry, saris, shoe shopping, jet lag, ice cream, earrings, palaces, poverty, traffic, cows and Hindu temples to actually produce anything for or about The Sidebar Review.

I did pick up several magazines while I was there and I did make a few observations. In the meantime, I accumulated several new American magazines at home that I also must review soon before they’re entirely too outdated for anyone to care about. So, I will get on those. Here, for your viewing pleasure (and so you don’t think I’m making this up), are a few of the memories I made with my husband, my sister and my brother-in-law. I will get back to the magazines promptly!