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Photo courtesy of Food Network Humor

Food Network Magazine recently ran a cover whoopsie of the magazine Tails. Everybody has a mistake every once in a while, but it’s really unfortunate when the lack of a comma on a cover makes it sound like a celebrity cooks her own family and pet. Read the whole article here.

I can’t judge too much, I guess. I once let a headline run with the word “success” spelled with only one C. And even better, in one article, a white box in post-production covered the B in the title of my magazine so that underneath the writer’s name, it said “ASS Times Senior Writer” instead of “BASS Times Senior Writer.” Good one! (Let me add that I do not recommend making mistakes, and that I find those two incidents to be awful — not amusing — but they do keep me humble. And I don’t insult someone else’s mistake without pointing these two out.)

The best thing you can learn from a typo that gets printed is to watch closer … and closer … and closer. And get as many eyeballs on it as possible ahead of time.

What’s the worst magazine mistake you’ve ever seen?

–Tyler W. Reed

Editor, The Sidebar Review